Google Local Services Ads- Tracking and Management

CorveUp Labs: The Complete Guide to Google's Local Service Ads Management

Google Local Services ads management is pay-per-lead ads that appear in the Local Services section of Google Search and Maps. These ads connect consumers with local service providers in their area. When a user searches for a service, such as a plumber or an electrician, google shows them a list of providers in their area who have signed up for Google Local Services ads management.
At CurveUp Labs, we know what it brings to run a successful business. Our Google Local Services ads management services permit you to concentrate on operating your business while our team handles the details. These ads are easy to use and help customers find the right provider. We take all the busy work that comes with the job, so you can keep moving forward.

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History of CurveUp Labs Google's Local Service Ads Management

CurveUp Labs was founded by a team of experienced Google Ads professionals passionate about helping small businesses succeed. The company’s flagship product, CurveUp, is a Google Local Service Ads (LSAs) management platform that helps local service businesses optimize their Google Ads campaigns for improved ROI and business growth. The founders recognized that while local service businesses were increasingly relying on Google Ads to reach their target audience, they needed to carry the entire edge of the features and abilities of the platform. They wanted to build a platform that would make it easier for businesses to get the most from their Google Ads campaigns.

CurveUp Labs Google's Local Service Ads Management Summary

The CurveUp Labs platform is easy to use and involuntary, allowing businesses to optimize their campaigns for improved performance quickly. The platform also provides detailed analytics and reporting so companies can track their performance and make data-driven decisions. CurveUp Labs has since become a leader in the Google Local Service Ads management space, offering various benefits and explanations for businesses of all sizes. The company’s mission is to help local businesses succeed by providing them with the tools.

Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising platform that enables businesses to create ads that appear on Google Search, YouTube, Google Maps, and other Google properties. With Google Ads, you can target customers based on their location, interests, and more. CorveUp Labs provides a comprehensive Google Ads service that helps businesses and organizations create, optimize, and manage campaigns on Google Ads.

  • Reach the right people: Google Ads allows you to reach suitable individuals with the right message at the right time. It helps you refine your message and deliver the most effective message to the right people. You can target people based on their interests, geographic location, site content, and more.
  • Test different messages: With Google Ads, you can quickly test additional notes to see which resonates with your audience.  
  • Measure results: Google Ads provides detailed reporting, so you can easily measure the success of your campaigns. It enables you to make adjustments to optimize your campaigns and maximize your results.  
  • Low cost: Google Ads is an affordable advertising platform, so you can get started without breaking the bank. You can set a budget and only pay when people click on your ads, so you don’t have to be concerned about spending too much.


woman with laptop Vector
woman with laptop Vector

Google My Business

Google My Business is a tool that helps businesses manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. With Google My Business, you can create a business profile, manage and respond to customer reviews, and add photos and other information to help customers find your business.
The benefit of google my business:

Google Maps Ads

Google Maps Ads are a type of local ad that appears on Google Maps when users search for businesses in their area. These ads target users based on location, interests, and other factors.

  • Increased Visibility: Google Maps Ads make it easier for customers to find your business when they are looking for it. It helps to increase visibility and can lead to more customers visiting your business.
  • Targeted Reach: With Google Maps Ads, you can target customers based on their location, which can help you reach potential customers that may not have found your business otherwise.  
  • Improved Brand Reputation: Google Maps Ads give customers an easy way to find and rate your business, which can help to improve your brand’s reputation.  
  • Increased Engagement: By targeting customers with Google Maps Ads, you can create engaging ads encouraging customers to take further action. It can result in more engagement and more sales.


woman with laptop Vector
woman with laptop Vector

Google Local Inventory Ads

Google Local Inventory Ads are a type of local ad that appear in Google Shopping and on Google Maps. These ads help businesses promote their in-store inventory and attract local customers.

  • Reach local customers: Local Inventory Ads help you reach local customers looking to buy products nearby. 
  • Improved search results: Local Inventory Ads can help improve your search results for local searches, allowing customers to find your store more efficiently.
  • Increased conversions: By providing customers with detailed product information, including prices, availability and store locations, Local Inventory Ads can increase conversions and sales. 
  • Easy setup: Setting up Local Inventory Ads is easy and can be done quickly. 
  • Increased ROI: Local Inventory Ads can help you achieve a higher return on investment by targeting local customers.
  • Local Service Ads: Local Service Ads (LSA) are a type of local ad that appear when customers search for services in their area. These ads are designed to help businesses connect with local customers.
  • Geographic targeting: Businesses can use geographic targeting to ensure people see their message at the right time. CurveUp Labs Geographic targeting services allow businesses to target customers in their local area. Companies can use these services to reach potential customers in their local area and tailor their messaging to their specific needs. Additionally, companies can use geographic targeting to optimize their advertising campaigns and increase the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

4 Benefits of adding geotargeting to your marketing mix:

Voice Search Optimization

CuveUp Labs provides voice search optimization services to help businesses create content optimized to rank well in voice search. Our services include keyword research, content creation and optimization, and technical SEO audits and optimization. Our team of experienced SEO professionals can help you create optimized content for voice search and can help you identify any technical SEO issues that may be preventing you from ranking well.

Benefit of Voice Search Optimization: 

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Benefits of Our Google's Local Service Ads Management Strategy

Program Application & Google Guarantee

As part of the Google Local Services Guarantee, Google may reimburse up to the amount paid for jobs reserved through our ads with a lifetime cap for range. Whether you’re completing your application for the program or not, we help you and your team stay on top of licenses, insurance, and background check materials.

Profile Setup & Ad Creation

Business information is a vital part of your Google My Business listing. They help customers learn more about your business and choose which provider to contact first. You can set up your company name, address and phone number in just a few steps, and then you’ll have the option to add as much detail about your business as you want.

Advertising Tracking & Reporting

Measurably enhance your ROI from Local Services ads with Blue Corona, the leader in residence services digital marketing. Blue Corona is the leader in home-services digital marketing. As an advertiser, you get the assurance that your campaign performs at its best through diaphanous cost-per-lead monitoring and revenue attribution. That’s peace of mind that your Budget is being used to drive qualified leads faster and more innovatively.

Building Your Business Profile

Once you confirm your eligibility, you are ready to create your business profile. The profile includes your services, target area, and licensing or insurance information. It is essential to have this information on hand so that we can put the Google Guarantee Badge on your page, which will let customers know that they are dealing with a credible business.

Setting Your Budget

Use this calculator to determine your monthly Budget. We’ll help you choose a reasonable Google Local Services Ads budget. Your Budget can constantly adjust monthly Budget along the way. And remember, you only pay when leads contact your business.

Creating the Ads

We’ll help create the headline, description, call to action, URL and display path for your ads so that they deliver only the most effective messaging for attracting direct leads.

Managing the Ads

Once your profile and ad campaigns are set up, we work hard. Our team will optimize your bids and campaign performance so you can attract more leads, store visits, messages and call clicks with minimal effort. In addition, our support team will manage reviews for you so you can stay on top of all points of contact with your customers.

Tracking, Monitoring, Reporting

As with every service we provide, we’ll be tracking, monitoring and reporting the performance of your Google Local Services Ads to ensure you’re getting the desired results from your ad spend. We’ll also provide full transparency with a comprehensive report of your ads’ performance.

Why Work with Our Google's Local Service Ads Management

Leverage Google's Local Service Ads

CurveUp Labs will help you leverage Google’s Local Service Ads to access customers in your local area, giving you a significant advantage over your competitors.

Experienced Team

CurveUp Labs is an experienced team that understands the nuances of Google’s Local Service Ads and can help you optimize your campaigns for maximum success.

Cost-Effective Solutions

CurveUp Labs provides cost-effective solutions to help you construct the most out of your Local Service Ads campaigns, ensuring you get the best ROI for your efforts.

Professional Support

CurveUp Labs offers professional support for all your Local Service Ads campaigns, ensuring that you can reach the best results achievable with your campaigns.

Customized Solutions

CurveUp Labs provides customized solutions to meet your unique needs, allowing you to get the most out of your Local Service Ads campaigns.

Our Expertise in Google's Local Service Ads Management

Curveup Labs is a team of exceptionally talented and skilled Google’s Local Service Ads Management, eCommerce development and digital marketers who help businesses grow using the best technology. We are a team of experienced professionals who use a data-driven approach to help you reach your goals. We specialize in Ads Management, SEO, PPC, Social Media, eCommerce,  and Content Marketing. Our team of experts are:

  • Highly skilled and dedicated SEO professional with the ability to multitask
  • Customized Business solutions according to business needs
  • Standard Price Quote
  • Special care for the security of the project
  • Expertise in Ahrefs, Google Search Console, SEMRush, Moz Pro, Ubersuggest
  • 24/7 effective client support
  • Faster development

Our Tech-Enabled Google's Local Service Ads Management

Here’s a look at our SEO process, which has driven over 8 million leads and more than $5 billion in revenue for curveuplabs clients. Our R.O.C.K.E.T process includes six elements:

R esearch

O ptimize

C ontent

K eywords

E arned media

T esting

CurveUp Labs R.O.C.K.E.T Process


Before we begin working on your website, our dedicated Google’s Local Service Ads Management consultant will conduct a comprehensive search engine optimization audit. In this audit, we’ll analyze your company, industry and website to create a customized strategy for improving your organic search presence.

➡️Create a competitor analysis
➡️Highlight gaps in competitor’s Google’s Local Service Ads Management strategy
➡️Use keywords that are most optimal for ranking organically
➡️We’ll work with you to create an actionable plan that meshes with your budget and goals.


➡️Our Google’s Local Service Ads Management expert team will audit your website
➡️Make hundreds of changes, both big and small, to meet the latest SEO trends
➡️Optimize titles, and meta descriptions, fix broken navigation and pay attention to site architecture

➡️Make sure your site is optimized


We begin with a copywriting strategy and design a complete topic outline based on your product or service offerings. Then, we create high-quality content that will make a compelling user experience while driving sales and brand awareness.

➡️We Analyze websites and competition
➡️Creating topics and titles that work
➡️Write informative blog posts that intrigue your readers


Our comprehensive keyword research process is designed to help you understand the search intent of your target audience so that we can drive more valuable traffic to your website.

➡️Checkout Competitor Keyword Analysis
➡️Analyze what they are doing right and wrong
➡️Find other profitable keywords

➡️See organic keywords that you have ranks for already Keyword Mapping Report Advanced Rank Tracking

Our process begins with in-depth competitor research and a keyword taxonomy customized for your business and industry.

Earned media & links

We’re experts in creating original content that will help your company build links with trusted experts in the industry. Our content marketing team has created countless backlinks to our client’s websites, increasing exposure amongst their target audience. We are doing the following:

➡️Establish a relationship with influencers early
➡️Build articles around the holiday or seasonal themes
➡️Write content that is going to get many shares


As an experienced Google’s Local Service Ads Management Expert with a proven track record, I will help your business generate leads through website optimization and internet marketing. We believe in testing everything and continually improving our Google’s Local Service Ads Management strategy so you can continue to drive revenue from Google Local Ads. Our search traffic optimization services include:

➡️Research keywords to discover what people are searching for and interested in
➡️Select the best keywords based on the competitiveness and demand 
➡️Improve your SEO through our SEO services

Improve your Ads Management through our Google’s Local Service Ads Management.

Technology use for Google's Local Service Ads Management

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free dashboard that allows businesses to manage their online presence on Google Search and Maps. It also gives businesses insights into how customers interact with their business on Google.


AdWords is the primary tool for setting up and managing local service ads. It is also used for targeting and tracking performance metrics.


AdSense is a great tool for managing the pricing of your local service ads. It allows you to adjust the bids and budgets for each ad.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a great tool. We use it for tracking the performance of your local service ads. It allows you to set up custom tags and triggers to follow your routine.

Google Display Network

The Google Display Network allows businesses to advertise their services on the web. It is a great way to increase your brand visibility and get new customers. You should definitely use our display network if you want more traffic and higher conversion rates for your online business.

Types of Industry That Need Google's Local Service Ads Management

Let’s Build your Project with Us

Curveup Labs is a leading company that provides high-quality services for critical projects. Our expert team will plan, implement, test, deploy and maintain your Google’s Local Service Ads Management project to make it ready to go live. Attract new customers, increase sales, or give your customers a better user experience by converting your plan to a successful project with us.

Hear From Our Clients​

From a Top Digital Marketing Agency

“Curveup Labs has been a shining example of what great agency partnerships can do to help your business grow. Their expertise, creativity and dedication to our business are unparalleled. We’re confident that Curveup Labs is the best SEO agency in the world.”

From a Reputed Software Company

“When it comes to digital marketing, Curveup Labs are a category leader. They have been on our side for a year, delivering each target we set with initiatives in their field. Traffic, revenue and profit are all up. Most importantly, the project manager does not feel like a collaborator but is also invested in our business.”

An eCommerce Owner

“We have worked with Curveup Labs for the beginning and are always impressed by their professionalism and friendly approach. Their work ethic is exceptional. The team at Curveup Labs are always available to discuss issues, and we get great results from their SEO and PPC services.”

“We have been very pleased with the Google’s Local Service Ads Management  we have received from CurveUp Labs thus far. Even though it has only been a very short time since SEO has started, we can already see a positive move in our page rank. We would recommend CurveUp Labs’s Google’s Local Service Ads Management to anyone looking to increase their web exposure.”

Website Google's Local Service Ads Management Audit

A website SEO audit serves as the foundation of your SEO plan.
Website SEO audit

Auditing your site allows your dedicated Google’s Local Service Ads Management expert to discover areas of improvement, as well as opportunities for your Google’s Local Service Ads Management strategy. That’s why our Google’s Local Service Ads Management specialists start with a technical SEO audit before building your plan. As a part of your Google’s Local Ads Management audit, your dedicated account manager will look at the following:

For the best results and insight into your website, our SEO team uses a variety of SEO tools. With these resources, we can take a multi-pronged approach to your website SEO audit and provide your organization with a competitive SEO strategy.

Case Studies

For decades, we’ve been delivering unmatched results across a variety of industries. Browse our digital marketing agency’s case studies to hear from some of our customers.

Google's Local Service Ads Management
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Start Driving Revenue With CurveUp Labs Google's Local Service Ads Management

Learn how our Google's Local Service Ads Management drive revenue with these client case studies.

100% increase in leads

Industry: Healthcare
Services: SEO, PPC, Social media, Web design

“Having Curveuplabs on our team is really an extension of our marketing department.”

250% increase in organic revenue

Industry: Hospitality
Services: SEO, PPC, Content marketing

“Curveuplabs’s commitment to understanding our business has been impressive.They’re a really good partner in your success.”

300% increase in conversions

Industry: Home services
Services: SEO, PPC, Content marketing

“With all of this marketing we’re doing, we’ve had record numbers this year. We’re doing better than we ever have before.”

FAQs About Google's Local Service Ads Management

Looking to learn more about Google's Local Service Ads Management? Browse our FAQ:

Google’s Local Service Ads Management is a tool that allows businesses to manage their Local Service Ads (LSA) campaigns. Local Service Ads are a type of ad on Google designed to help local service businesses connect with customers in their area. With LSAs, companies can advertise their services to nearby customers who are ready to buy. Google’s Local Service Ads Management tool allows businesses to create, manage, and optimize their LSA campaigns.

Google’s Local Service Ads Management helps businesses connect with customers looking for services nearby. Local Service Ads emerge at the top of search results for related queries, so companies can be sure that potential customers see their ads. Businesses can manage their ads, track leads, and measure performance with Local Service Ads. Companies can create custom profiles with customer ratings, reviews, photos, and more. Overall, Google’s Local Service Ads Management helps businesses connect with local customers, manage their ads, and measure performance all in one place.

You can check the performance of your ads through the analytics provided by the platform you are using (e.g. Google Ads, Facebook Ads). These analytics can provide you with data such as impressions, clicks, conversions, cost per click, and more. You can even use third-party tools such as Google Analytics to analyze your ads and their performance.

The cost of implementing Google’s Local Service Ads Management will depend on your individual needs and budget. Generally, businesses should expect to pay a monthly fee for the service, which typically ranges from $50 to $200. Additionally, you may need to pay additional fees for other services, such as setting up and managing campaigns, or for extra features, such as analytics and reporting.

  1. Ensure Your Business Profile is Accurate: Ensure your business profile is up-to-date and accurate, including your business name, address, phone number, and hours of operation.
  2. Optimize Your Ads: Create ads relevant to the local search query and use strategic keywords to increase visibility.
  3. Track Your Performance: Use Google Ads to track your ad performance and identify areas of improvement.
  4. Ask for Reviews: Ask customers to leave approving reviews on your Google My Business page and other review sites.
  5. Monitor Competitor Ads: Keep tabs on your competitors’ ads and optimize yours accordingly.
  6. Utilize Google Ads Extensions: Utilize ad extensions such as location, call, and callout extensions to help your ad stand out from the competition.
  7. Use Targeted Location Settings: Utilize Google Ads location targeting options to ensure your ads are being shown to the most relevant audience.

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