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Curveup Labs is a leading Joomla development company offering varied Joomla services. Our professional team of programmers uses the latest technologies to ensure high-quality solutions that meet your objectives and budget.

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Curveup Labs’ History of Joomla Development

Curveup Labs is one of the USA’s most successful Joomla development companies. Curveup Labs started its journey intending to change the world with creative, innovative, and sustainable software & web solutions.

In the ever-changing world of Joomla development, we have had the privilege of serving some great clients. Our team had deep expertise across all Joomla development areas for many years.

Our success has come from a steadfast focus on delivering innovative and effective WordPress solutions that delight our customers. We exist to create Joomla applications that solve real business problems by working with you through every single step and process, from idea generation to launch.

Joomla Development Services Provided by Curveup Labs

Our Joomla development services are driven by an enterprise-level technology stack that includes PHP, MySQL and Apache. Our developers are skilled at building custom themes based on branding requirements, as the templates perfectly match every customer’s complex to simple content management requirements. At Curveup Labs, we provide:

Joomla Web Development

Joomla web development is based on your online business needs and requirements for a successful online presence. Our Joomla developers are skilled in building responsive websites that fit any screen size. Our Joomla experts help you design, deploy, maintain and integrate your website with third-party technologies.

Custom Joomla Website Development

Our custom Joomla website development services are a perfect blend of creativity and technical expertise, which helps in delivering result-oriented and user-friendly websites. With our Joomla Customization services, you can build the website of your choice. 

Joomla Module Development

As a Joomla development company, we create customized modules for your website according to your requirements. We develop and integrate the modules that our customers need, which are different from the available version.

Joomla Portal Development

Our Joomla Portal Development Services include complete turn-key website development, design, customization and maintenance services. We understand the complexities of developing a B2B or B2C portal and work with our clients to deliver the best solution guaranteed within your budget, timeframe and business value.

Joomla E-commerce Solutions

We set up the best Joomla shop for your business, whether you are an individual or a company. Our eCommerce solution is a flexible and secure shopping cart built with open-source components and optimized for speed, so you can easily create a professional and secure storefront.

Database Synchronization

Database Synchronization services are designed to automate keeping your website up-to-date and in sync with the latest updates. They ensure that every item on our sites is identical locally, on the Internet and in off-site locations at any time.

Joomla CMS Development

Joomla CMS Development is one of the most preferred CMS in the market. It allows you to create any website and can be used for any business, service or product. We take care of all your website needs on the Joomla platform by providing high-quality web applications which have the potential to boost your business.

Joomla Maintenance Services

Our Joomla Maintenance Service is designed to cover all the processes involved in regular website maintenance. This includes bug fixes, updates, security patches, enhancements related to your core software, and third-party extensions/components that run on top of it. We also support you with any migrations you may need.

Benefits of Curveup Labs' End-to-End Joomla Development Services?

Joomla is a popular platform widely used for creating websites and web applications. There are several benefits to using Joomla for your web development projects.


Multilingual sites are more accessible to reach a larger audience. With Joomla Multilingual, you can use up to 64 languages on the site, including Arabic, Dutch and English language files.

Enthusiastic Community

The Enthusiastic Community is a decentralized community that helps Joomla projects with all kinds of support through monetary donations and technical expertise. We desire to support you in developing your product, website, or service by offering our time, knowledge and funds.

Fast Upgrade

The Joomla’ one-click upgrade’ feature makes upgrading your website a quick, seamless process. Because the built-in updater has an automated checker which notifies you of new updates, you only need to follow a few simple steps.

Integrated Help System

Joomla is designed to work easily for inexperienced users and advanced developers. A help system has been integrated with the app contextual help that helps with the navigation and use of the app for every user level.

We Provide a Powerful and Easy to Use Joomla Website

You can build your Joomla site without the help of a web developer. With more than 250 features and one-of-a-kind functionality, our DIY website builder has all you need to make a professional website. Built with real users in mind, our WordPress development was created for ease of use for people. We have the power of a million-dollar industry-leading application and a profitable company behind it, but we sell it at highly affordable prices!

The Work Process We Follow at Curveup Labs

We only provide high-quality, scalable and secure Joomla solutions. Our workflow includes detailed research and analysis of your idea, a robust and scalable solution tested for quality, and ongoing support for maintenance and updates.

Research & Planning

This step requires extensive research and planning. The team starts by mapping out your app’s features, functionality and target audience. Then, they confirm that an app like yours can be developed. Once these are set, the experts move on to the development phase.

Design Phase

The design phase includes documentation and wireframing to help understand the future possibilities of your app. We then create a prototype so you can see it come to life as we add functionality.


At this step of the development process, the development team starts the core development of the app. Then they work to get it on point. Finally, they start testing and fixing bugs with light testing & bug fixing.


QA is the final stage of development. Before publishing, the QA team performs a thorough test on your app to see if there are any bugs or issues. In this process, we ensure zero bug issues in your app.


This stage completes the app development process and makes it ready for launch on the app stores. Our experts prepare the finest product to submit to the app stores.

On-Going Support

We provide a complete package of maintenance and support services, including SLAs and expertise to manage your sites. Just let us know if there is anything you need help with. Our development team is available by phone and email.

Hear From Our Clients​

From a Reputed Software Company

“When it comes to digital marketing, Curveup Labs are a category leader. They have been on our side for a year, delivering each target we set with initiatives in their field. Traffic, revenue and profit are all up. Most importantly, the project manager does not feel like a collaborator but is also invested in our business.”

From a Top Digital Marketing Agency

“Curveup Labs has been a shining example of what great agency partnerships can do to help your business grow. Their expertise, creativity and dedication to our business are unparalleled. We’re confident that Curveup Labs is the best SEO agency in the world.”

An eCommerce Owner

“We have worked with Curveup Labs for the beginning and are always impressed by their professionalism and friendly approach. Their work ethic is exceptional. The team at Curveup Labs are always available to discuss issues, and we get great results from their SEO and PPC services.”

FAQs about Joomla Development Services

To help you make the right decision, we have this segment of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our Joomla Development services. If you don't see your question here, please get in touch with us directly, and it would be great for us to answer any additional questions.

Joomla is a platform that allows users to easily create and manage websites without requiring any coding knowledge. It is based on PHP and uses a MySQL database to store website content, including text, images, and other media.

Joomla has several advantages for website development, including:

Ease of use: Joomla is user-friendly and has a simple interface, making it easy for non-technical users to update and manage their websites.

Customization: Joomla allows for a high level of customization, with a wide range of extensions and templates available to create a unique and professional website.

Security: Joomla is constantly updated to address security vulnerabilities, providing a secure website platform.

Yes, Joomla is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, so you can update and manage your website yourself once it has been developed. Joomla also provides detailed documentation and support to help you get started.

Yes, Joomla can be used to create e-commerce websites. Several extensions and add-ons allow you to add e-commerce functionality to your Joomla websites, such as shopping carts and payment gateways.

Joomla has good SEO capabilities and allows you to quickly optimize your website for search engines. It includes customizable page titles and meta tags and the ability to create custom URLs and generate sitemaps.

Yes, Joomla websites can be responsive and mobile-friendly. Many of the templates and extensions available for Joomla are designed to be responsive.

Yes, Joomla is suitable for large, enterprise-level websites. It has the scalability and performance capabilities to handle large amounts of traffic and a wide range of features and extensions to support complex functionality.

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