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Curve Up Labs press release service allows businesses to create and distribute press releases to help promote their products and services to media outlets and customers. Our press release service will provide businesses with an easy-to-use platform for creating press releases. They can include images and videos, along with industry-specific keywords and backlinks. It allows companies to develop a more professional and compelling press release that will reach more people.

Our press release service can help businesses make the most of their press release efforts. With our easy-to-use platform, dedicated team of professionals, and comprehensive suite of features, companies can create and distribute press releases that are highly effective and will reach more people. We are excited to help businesses make the most of their press release efforts and look forward to assisting them in achieving their target audiences.

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History of CurveUp Labs Press Release Services

CurveUp Labs was founded by a team of experienced Article Writing Professionals passionate about helping businesses grow. The company provides high-quality article-writing services to help businesses and individuals create compelling, engaging, and informative content. The team at CurveUp Labs has a deep knowledge of the needs of their clients and works hard to deliver quality content every time. To ensure that customers get the best possible results, the team employs various techniques to ensure that the content is not unique and engaging but also SEO-friendly. As the company has developed over the years, it has continued to focus on providing excellent customer service, which has helped them build a solid and loyal customer base. The company has also grown its presence in the digital space, with a strong presence on various social media platforms.

CurveUp Labs Press Release Services Summary

CurveUp Labs is an online service that provides professional Press Release services to help businesses create engaging and compelling content. The company’s writers create content for various topics, including SEO, digital marketing, technology, and more. Our writers are experienced and knowledgeable about their issues and use data-driven research methods to produce accurate and engaging content. CurveUp Labs Press Release services also include content optimization and editing to ensure that the content is well-written and meets the client’s needs. We offer various services, including social media management and content strategy consulting.

Benefits of Our Press Release Services Strategy

Increased Visibility

A well-crafted Press Release can help your business to get noticed by potential customers, providing an excellent platform for you to build your visibility and reach.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Quality content that is well-optimized for search engines can help to increase your rankings, bringing more targeted visitors to your website.

Increased Brand Awareness

Creating relevant content for your target audience can help increase your brand awareness, helping to make your business more recognizable and associated with specific topics.

Establishing Authority

Writing Press Release that are helpful and informative can help to establish your business as an authority in your industry, making you look more reputable and trustworthy in the eyes of customers.

Generating Leads

Quality Press Release can help to generate leads and foster relationships with potential customers, helping to increase your sales and revenues

Improved Customer Engagement

By creating exciting and engaging content, you can spark a conversation with potential customers, encouraging them to interact with your business and become customers.

Why Work with Our Press Release Services Company


Our Press Release service provides high-quality, well-written content tailored to your needs. We guarantee that our Press Release are original, engaging, and informative.


We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable Press Release experts with the right tools and strategies to help you reach your goals.


Our Press Release services are designed to be cost-effective so that you can get the most out of your budget.


We are committed to delivering Press Release quickly and efficiently. We apprehend that time is of the substance, and we will work with you to ensure that your content delivers on time.

Improved Visibility

Optimizing your website for Press Release searches will make you more observable to potential customers in your area.


We can customize our Press Release to meet your needs. We can make it happen if you need a Press Release in a particular style or formatted for a specific platform.

Our Expertise in Press Release Service

Curveup Labs is a team of exceptionally talented and skilled Press Release services, eCommerce development and digital marketers who help businesses grow using the best technology. We are a team of experienced professionals who use a data-driven approach to help you reach your goals. We specialize in SEO, PPC, Social Media, eCommerce, and Content Marketing. Our team of experts are:

  • Highly skilled and dedicated Press Release professional with the ability to multitask
  • Customized Business solutions according to business needs
  • Faster development
  • 24/7 effective client support
  • Standard Price Quote
  • Special care for the security of the project
  • Expertise in Ahrefs, Google Search Console, SEMRush, Moz Pro, Ubersuggest

CurveUp Labs Data-Driven Approach

We serve Press Release services, paying close attention to structure, flow, grammar, and syntax.
We also use data-driven analytics to measure our articles’ performance and identify areas for improvement.

We have our Press Release reviewed and edited by a professional editor to ensure they meet our high standards. 

A dedicated content marketing strategist will help you outline a content strategy tailored to meet your specific commercial goals.

We conduct thorough research on the topic, utilizing both primary and secondary sources to ensure accuracy and depth of content.

After final approval, we publish the Press Release to our website, social media accounts, and other platforms. By following this process, we can ensure that our content is of the highest quality and meets our readers’ expectations.

Technology We Used For Press Release Services


CorveUp Labs utilizes WordCounter to help ensure that its content is concise and well-written. WordCounter is a powerful tool that can help content writers stay focused on the task and ensure that their writing is efficient and accurate. WordCounter provides an accurate word count and other helpful functions such as a readability score and an analysis of commonly used words and phrases. It enables content writers to focus on the quality of their writing rather than worrying about the word count. WordCounter can also help writers avoid common mistakes and typos and track progress over time.


CorveUp Labs uses ProWritingAid for content writing. ProWritingAid is an online tool that helps writers improve their writing by providing detailed feedback on grammar, spelling, structure, and more. It allows writers to identify areas of improvement and make changes to their reports to make them more effective.


SEOpressor is a powerful content writing tool to help you create optimized content for search engines. It provides several features to help you create optimized content for SEO, including

  • A keyword suggestion tool that provides you with relevant keywords to target in your content.
  • An automatic content spinner to create multiple versions of your content. 
  • A readability checker to help you ensure your content is easy to read.
  • A link builder to help you create links to relevant web pages.
  • An in-depth analysis tool to identify opportunities for improvement in your content.


CurveUp Labs uses Quetext to help writers create high-quality, original content quickly and easily. Quetext is a powerful, easy-to-use AI-powered platform for creating professional content. The platform offers a variety of features that make it easy for content writers to create content that is both original and high quality quickly.

Our Tech-Enabled Press Release Process

Here’s a look at our SEO process, which has driven over 7.8 million leads and more than $3 billion in revenue for curveuplabs clients.Our R.O.C.K.E.T process includes six elements:

R esearch

O ptimize

C ontent

K eywords

E arned media

T esting

CurveUp Labs R.O.C.K.E.T Process


Before we begin working on your website, our dedicated Press Release consultant will conduct a comprehensive search engine optimization audit. In this audit, we’ll analyze your company, industry and website to create a customized strategy for improving your organic search presence.

➡️Create a competitor analysis
➡️Highlight gaps in competitor’s Blog Post Writing strategy
➡️Use keywords that are most optimal for ranking organically
➡️We’ll work with you to create an actionable plan that meshes with your budget and goals.


➡️Our Press Release expert team will audit your website
➡️Make hundreds of changes, both big and small, to meet the latest Press Release trends
➡️Optimize titles, and meta descriptions, fix broken navigation and pay attention to site architecture

➡️Make sure your site is optimized


We begin with a copywriting strategy and design a complete topic outline based on your product or service offerings. Then, we create high-quality content that will make a compelling user experience while driving sales and brand awareness.

➡️We Analyze websites and competition
➡️Creating topics and titles that work
➡️Write informative Press Release that intrigue your readers


Our comprehensive keyword research process is designed to help you understand the search intent of your target audience so that we can drive more valuable traffic to your website.

➡️Checkout Competitor Keyword Analysis
➡️Analyze what they are doing right and wrong
➡️Find other profitable keywords

➡️See organic keywords that you have ranks for already Keyword Mapping Report Advanced Rank Tracking

Our process begins with in-depth competitor research and a keyword taxonomy customized for your business and industry.

Earned media & links

We’re experts in creating original content that will help your company build links with trusted experts in the industry. Our Press Release Writing team has created countless backlinks to our client’s websites, increasing exposure amongst their target audience. We are doing the following:

➡️Establish a relationship with influencers early
➡️Build Blog Post around the holiday or seasonal themes
➡️Write content that is going to get many shares


As an experienced Press Release Expert with a proven track record, I will help your business generate leads through website optimization and internet marketing. We believe in testing everything and continually improving our Press Release strategy so you can continue to drive revenue from SEO. Our search traffic optimization services include:

➡️Research keywords to discover what people are searching for and interested in
➡️Select the best keywords based on the competitiveness and demand 
➡️Improve your SEO through our Blog Post Writing services

Types of Industry That Need Press Release the Most

Let’s Build your Project with Us

Curveup Labs is a leading company that provides high-quality services for critical projects. Our expert team will plan, implement, test, deploy and maintain your Press Release project to make it ready to go live. Attract new customers, increase sales, or give your customers a better user experience by converting your plan to a successful project with us.

Hear From Our Clients​

From a Reputed Software Company

“When it comes to digital marketing, Curveup Labs are a category leader. They have been on our side for a year, delivering each target we set with initiatives in their field. Traffic, revenue and profit are all up. Most importantly, the project manager does not feel like a collaborator but is also invested in our business.”

From a Top Digital Marketing Agency

“Curveup Labs has been a shining example of what great agency partnerships can do to help your business grow. Their expertise, creativity and dedication to our business are unparalleled. We’re confident that Curveup Labs is the best SEO agency in the world.”

An eCommerce Owner

“We have worked with Curveup Labs for the beginning and are always impressed by their professionalism and friendly approach. Their work ethic is exceptional. The team at Curveup Labs are always available to discuss issues, and we get great results from their SEO and PPC services.”

“We have been very pleased with the Press Release service we have received from CurveUp Labs thus far. Even though it has only been a very short time since SEO has started, we can already see a positive move in our page rank. We would recommend CurveUp Labs Press Release services to anyone looking to increase their web exposure.”


Website Press Release Audit

A Press Release serves as the foundation of your Writing plan.
Website SEO audit

Auditing your site allows your dedicated Press Release expert to discover areas of improvement, as well as opportunities for your Press Release strategy. That’s why our Press Release specialists start with a Press Release audit before building your plan. As a part of your Press Release audit, your dedicated account manager will look at the following:

For the best results and insight into your website, our Press Release team uses a variety of Press Release tools. With these resources, we can take a multi-pronged approach to your website Press Release and provide your organization with a competitive SEO strategy.

Case Studies

For decades, we’ve been delivering unmatched results across a variety of industries. Browse our Content Writing agency’s case studies to hear from some of our customers.

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Start Driving Revenue with CurveUp Labs Press Release Services

Learn how our Press Release services drive revenue with these client case studies.

100% increase in leads

Industry: Healthcare
Services: SEO, PPC, Social media, Web design

“Having Curveuplabs on our team is really an extension of our marketing department.”

250% increase in organic revenue

Industry: Hospitality
Services: SEO, PPC, Content marketing

“Curveuplabs’s commitment to understanding our business has been impressive.They’re a really good partner in your success.”

300% increase in conversions

Industry: Home services
Services: SEO, PPC, Content marketing

“With all of this marketing we’re doing, we’ve had record numbers this year. We’re doing better than we ever have before.”

Ready to grow with a digital marketing agency you can trust? Get your free proposal today:

Our digital marketing experts have put together thousands of successful digital marketing campaigns for businesses looking to increase leads, phone calls, transactions, and qualified website traffic. They’ll do the same for you. Request a free strategy proposal and get a game plan for elite revenue generation.

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FAQs about Press Release

Looking to learn more about Press Release services? Browse our FAQ:

A press release service is an online media outlet distributing press releases. It provides various services to help organizations and individuals get their news to the public. These services can include writing press releases, submitting them to multiple media outlets, and providing feedback on the results. Many press release services also offer various additional services, such as social media promotion and monitoring.

A good press release should provide information that is newsworthy and relevant to the intended audience. It should have a headline that is attentiongrabbing and informative, followed by a lead paragraph that summarizes the main points. It should be succinct and written in an objective, unbiased tone. It should include quotes from key personnel, interesting and relevant statistics or facts, and a call to action. Lastly, it should include contact information for followup questions.

  • Create an attention-grabbing headline
  • Write a snappy summary.
  • Include key facts and quotes 
  • Use a conversational tone. 
  • Offer contact information
  • Follow the standard format
  • Double-check for accuracy

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