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Curveup Labs is a premier Shopify development company for creating the next generation of Shopify platforms. Our expert developers help enterprises reach their goals by being customer-centric, flexible, and intelligent. We are best known for our exceptional services, which include full Shopify app development, mobile app development, APIs, and more.

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Curveup Labs’ History of Shopify Development

Curveup Labs is one of the USA’s most successful Shopify development companies. Curveup Labs started its journey intending to change the world with creative, innovative, and sustainable software & web solutions.

In the ever-changing world of Shopify development, we have had the privilege of serving some great clients. Our team had deep expertise across all Shopify development areas for many years.

Our success has come from a steadfast focus on delivering innovative and effective Shopify solutions that delight our customers. We exist to create Shopify applications that solve real business problems by working with you through every single step and process, from idea generation to launch.

Shopify Development Services Provided by Curveup Labs

Our Shopify Development Services are designed to help businesses create and manage their online stores using the Shopify platform. With Shopify, you can easily manage your products, orders, and customers from one central location and take advantage of features like customizable templates, mobile optimization, and integration with popular payment gateways. Our team of experienced developers can help you create a custom Shopify store tailored to your specific needs and goals. We can help you get your store up and running quickly and provide ongoing support and maintenance to help you grow and succeed.

Headless Shopify Development

We offer to build Headless Shopify development solutions for your business. As a flexible solution, it is ready to work simultaneously with several distribution channels such as Amazon, Google, and social media websites. We offer the option of a self-hosted installation or cloud hosting.

Shopify Website Development

We have a dedicated and experienced team of Shopify experts that will customize, expand and enhance the functionality of your online store so that you get maximum results with minimum investment. Our engineering team develops customized solutions to improve your web performance and attract new customers to your e-store.

Mobile-first Design Implementation

We have a dedicated and experienced team of Shopify experts that will customize, expand and enhance the functionality of your online store. We analyze your needs and then develop customized solutions to improve your web performance, which can result in better sales and customer conversion.

Replatforming and Data Migration

We specialize in Shopify data migrations, so we know how to ensure your store’s data is migrated quickly and securely. If you want to switch from any other e-commerce platform to Shopify/Shopify Plus, we’re here to help.

Multi-language & Currency Store Development

Our multilingual & multi-currency e-store development services help you expand your business to new markets and sell your products in different currencies more efficiently. This innovative feature allows customers to find the best offers on your site, pay bills, and order items shipped to local addresses in their currency and desired language.

Wholesale Channel Integration for Merchants

We implement Shopify Plus for wholesale merchants. Our tech solutions will work with all existing wholesale channels, allowing you to develop the most profitable offers for your business. On the admin panel, you can view site traffic and requests for wholesale customers and orders.

Creative UI/UX Design

Our UI/UX Designers have a solid background and a creative approach, which allows them to understand your product’s goals and strengths. Our specialists will develop user-friendly, interface-friendly solutions without detracting from the product’s main functionality.

Site Speed Optimization

Shopify is optimized to ensure the navigation speed and webpage loading last. The latest technological solutions support the fastest loading of images and other multimedia objects and site design.

Third-party App Integrations

Our integration capabilities support the technologies, systems, and application platforms you already use with our solution. We provide straightforward integrations with third-party apps and marketing software, so your core management tasks flow seamlessly into Pinnacle.

Ongoing Support and Consulting

Our ongoing support and consulting services are made to make your business better, bringing you new ideas, information, and connections. Our team will work with you to help build the right strategy for your business, improve your customer experience and make your online presence stand out.

Benefits of Shopify Development Services

If you take the first steps in online commerce or launch an online store, we will help you build an e-commerce business from scratch and launch sales quickly under the Shopify platform. Shopify development services help brands to stay at the forefront of innovation, remain competitive, and overcome challenges. We help enterprises scale in an environment where market boundaries are blurring, technologies are scaled, and sales are conducted globally.

Clear Settings and Management

Shopify is a convenient, user-friendly platform that can be customized to cover your online business needs. This is the optimal alternative for those who are searching for a comprehensive solution without technical difficulties in the development

Secure Payments

Shopify matches to PCI Standard — Payment Card Industry data security required when you’re dealing with credit card transactions

3D Visualization

Shopify uses product 3D images and videos to familiarize clients with the products’ characteristics — increase conversions by up to 250 % with visual demonstrations

Ability to Implement SEO Tools

Shopify will provide access to stuffing by keywords — promote your product with innovative SEO tools


Shopify covers up needs to build highly customizable e-stores — set up the existing Shopify template according to your needs, change the design, plugin, and features of shopping carts


Shopify is a fully hosted E-commerce platform — that maintains your store’s files and data in the cloud without the need to set up servers onsite

Why Do Choose Curveup Labs For Shopify Development Services?

There are several reasons why businesses choose Curveup Labs for their Shopify development needs. First and foremost, we have a team of experienced developers who deeply understand the Shopify platform and the e-commerce industry. This allows us to provide personalized, high-quality development services tailored to our client’s specific needs and goals.

Solutions for Success

Our Shopify eCommerce development services help you get the most out of your online business by designing, developing and marketing your website with a perfect blend of creative skills, technology and marketing expertise. Our team will work with you to turn your dreams into reality from beginning to end.

Creative Designs

At Curveup Labs, you can get attractive and appealing User Interface (UI) designs for your websites and eCommerce stores. We specialize in creating eye-catching designs that look good and work seamlessly on any device.

Quick Turnaround Time

With our Shopify website development services, we can help you launch your products and solutions quickly. Our designers and developers work collaboratively to deliver solutions that meet your needs and ensure you have a fast time to market.

Expert Developers

We have a team of expert Shopify web designers and developers to create engaging websites for clients across different industry verticals. We are experts in creating high-quality Shopify apps, plugins & themes with rich functionality and 100% customizability.

Technology We Use to Develop Shopify Website

At our company, we believe in using the latest and most reliable technologies in our Shopify development projects to ensure the success and scalability of our client’s online stores. In our Shopify development projects, we utilize a range of technologies to ensure the success and scalability of your online store. These technologies include:


Shopify is considered as leading e-commerce platform that allows you to build an online store with multiple tools, including the best features of SEO, marketing, and inventory management. With Shopify, you can launch an online business quickly and easily by choosing from hundreds of existing templates or creating your custom design.


Strapi is a framework that provides REST API, GraphQL and content management systems for corporate or e-commerce websites. Strapi offers a complete platform for corporate or e-commerce websites. It integrates with Shopify, maintains website SEO and content management, and provides a quick setup, easy expansion, and support for AWS services and email agents.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is a cloud-based, fully-managed eCommerce platform that offers everything you need to design, set up and manage your online store. It’s built for businesses of all sizes – from small storefronts to high-traffic volumes.


Gatsby is a modern React-based framework for website development. It provides excellent SEO optimization and dynamic content implementation using GraphQL and server-side rendering. This means you can use many tools, like Webpack and Babel, to build websites.

The Work Process We Follow at Curveup Labs

We only provide high-quality, scalable and secure Shopify solutions. Our workflow includes detailed research and analysis of your idea, a robust and scalable solution tested for quality, and ongoing support for maintenance and updates.

Research & Planning

This step requires extensive research and planning. The team starts by mapping out your app’s features, functionality and target audience. Then, they confirm that an app like yours can be developed. Once these are set, the experts move on to the development phase.

Design Phase

The design phase includes documentation and wireframing to help understand the future possibilities of your app. We then create a prototype so you can see it come to life as we add functionality.


At this step of the development process, the development team starts the core development of the app. Then they work to get it on point. Finally, they start testing and fixing bugs with light testing & bug fixing.


QA is the final stage of development. Before publishing, the QA team performs a thorough test on your app to see if there are any bugs or issues. In this process, we ensure zero bug issues in your app.


This stage completes the app development process and makes it ready for launch on the app stores. Our experts prepare the finest product to submit to the app stores.

On-Going Support

We provide a complete package of maintenance and support services, including SLAs and expertise to manage your sites. Just let us know if there is anything you need help with. Our development team is available by phone and email.

We Provide a Powerful and Easy to Use Shopify Website

You can build your Shopify site without the help of a web developer. With more than 250 features and one-of-a-kind functionality, our DIY website builder has all you need to make a professional website. Built with real users in mind, our Shopify development was created for ease of use for people. We have the power of a million-dollar industry-leading application and a profitable company behind it, but we sell it at highly affordable prices!

Hear From Our Clients​

From a Reputed Software Company

“When it comes to digital marketing, Curveup Labs are a category leader. They have been on our side for a year, delivering each target we set with initiatives in their field. Traffic, revenue and profit are all up. Most importantly, the project manager does not feel like a collaborator but is also invested in our business.”

From a Top Digital Marketing Agency

“Curveup Labs has been a shining example of what great agency partnerships can do to help your business grow. Their expertise, creativity and dedication to our business are unparalleled. We’re confident that Curveup Labs is the best SEO agency in the world.”

An eCommerce Owner

“We have worked with Curveup Labs for the beginning and are always impressed by their professionalism and friendly approach. Their work ethic is exceptional. The team at Curveup Labs are always available to discuss issues, and we get great results from their SEO and PPC services.”

FAQs About Shopify Development Services

To help you make the right decision, we have this segment of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our Shopify Development services. If you don't see your question here, please get in touch with us directly, and it would be great for us to answer any additional questions.​

Shopify development creates and manages an online store using the Shopify platform. This involves designing and customizing the store’s appearance and functionality, integrating with external systems and services, and managing products, orders, and customers.

Any business looking to sell products online can benefit from Shopify development services. This includes small business owners, e-commerce startups, and established brands looking to expand their online presence.

We use a range of technologies in our Shopify development projects, including HTML5 and CSS3 for website design and layout, JavaScript and jQuery for interactive features and functionality, and Liquid, Shopify’s proprietary templating language, for customizing store templates and functionality. We also use REST APIs for integration with external systems and services, Git for version control and collaboration, and Shopify’s online development platform, Slate, for streamlined development and deployment.

The time it takes to develop a Shopify store depends on the complexity and scope of the project. It depends on specific needs and goals and provides a timeline and project plan accordingly.

We offer ongoing support and maintenance for our clients’ Shopify stores. This includes regular updates, bug fixes, and technical support as needed. We also provide performance updates and recommend further optimization based on the industry’s latest best practices and trends.

Unlock revenue growth for your business with our world-class expertise.

Our team is made up of elite designers, developers, and marketers. For us, it’s not just a job — it’s a driving passion. And that passion has led to some of the best work on the web. Don’t take our word for it! We’re proud of our many customer testimonials on Clutch. We’ve earned a 4.9 out of 5 with 260+ ratings.

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